MSc Thesis: Evolving Embodied Agents using External Artifact Evaluations (2020)
MSc Thesis
And So On, And So Forth (2020)
And so on, and so forth
Artefacts of Verisimilitudes (2019)
Artefacts of Verisimilitudes
Koraalreef real-time visuals (2019)
Research project: Virtual Influencers (2019)
Research project: Virtual Influencers
Certainty poster design (2020)
Certainty Poster
Shy Mirror (2019)
Redundancy (2019)
Shader gallery
Shader Gallery
Shush (2019)
Encryption (2019)
Scientific Narration: Encryption
Shader gallery
Shy Mirror
Floor Shadow UI (2018)
Shadow UI
Rick Astley: Deconstructed (2018)
Rick Astley: Deconstructed
Augmented Blueware (2018)
Augmented Blueware


All-round software developer, researcher and artist with a strong interest in computer graphics, XR, innovative games, installation art and digital culture. My work lies at the intersection of science, art and technology. Currently (full-time) MSc student at Media Technology in Leiden, but I am open to taking on short-term projects on the side.

For more information about my proficiency, please refer to my resume below.

My Resume